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In November of 2023, Bow K Ranch was recognized in Gelbvieh World, (the national magazine for the American Gelbvieh Association) as the second top breeder in Colorado with the highest number of Dams of Merit at 12 and the highest number of Dams of Distinction at 4!!

The Dam of Merit honor recognizes cows that meet strict selection criteria including early puberty and conception, regular calving intervals and above average weaning weights on at least three calves.  For the data submitted to the American Gelbvieh Association (34,861 cows assessed in 2022) only 5.32% qualify for Dam of Merit.  The Dam of Distinction award is for cows that meet the same high standards, plus those exhibiting superior, long-term productivity with at least eight calves.  Just over 1 % of all active Gelbvieh and Balancer cows qualify for this status.

Come visit and check out our purebred Gelbvieh and Balancer (Gelbvieh x Angus) open replacement heifers, bred heifers, and bred cows for sale!

Bow K Ranch females have been developed through 40 years of A.I. breeding.  Reds and blacks, polled, EPD’s and pedigrees on all animals.  We have calving ease and performance animals available.

All calves are administered vaccines at birth, branding, and pre-weaning.  The bred heifers and cows are vaccinated pre-breeding and pre-calving.   We are Beef Quality Assurance certified.   All animals are poured each year.

We believe in and practice quiet cattle-handling methods.

Our breeding program has always emphasized moderate-sized cows (1,100 to 1,300 pound cows), quality udders, adequate milk, built-in calving ease, and bred-in longevity.

Our pairs are run above Gunnison, Colorado at high elevations during the summer and fall.  The bred yearling heifers are kept at the home place until they have had a calf before going to the mountains.

About the third week of September the calves are weaned and trucked 100 miles to the home place.  The feeding regime consists of hay, Purina Accuration®, and minerals for three weeks until they have gained back their weight and started growing again.  The heifers are then transitioned to pasture with a mineral supplement.  About January or February (depending on the snow) the heifers are then fed hay, a 20% protein, and 2-3# of corn until breeding time.

If you are looking for females with good dispositions, nice phenotypes, and solid breeding give us a call!

We also offer breeding and feeding for your newly acquired heifers – call for prices.