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Bow K Ranch is family-owned and operated by Dave and Dawn Bowman and their son and his wife, Andrew and Sarah Bowman. The ranch is located near Olathe, Colorado (a 90-minute drive from Grand Junction, Colorado). Dave and Dawn have been running Gelbvieh cattle since 1983 and currently run 110 head of Gelbvieh and Black Angus, along with Gelbvieh x Black Angus and Gelbvieh x Red Angus (referred to as Balancers).

The emphasis at Bow K Ranch is to produce moderate-sized (1,100 to 1,300 pound) cows that excel in maternal qualities — birth weight, calving ease, good udders, and adequate milk — not to mention their docility. (See Female Page).  Our foundation is built on 30 years of AI breeding and quiet cattle handling methods.

This breeding season (for the 2014 calf crop), we have used the following AI sires:

  • Red Gelbvieh: Oscar - who has a good birth weight EPD along with good growth and a nice phenotype. He is homozygous polled and diluter free.
  • Black Gelbvieh: Mr. Bow K 904W - calving ease and good all-around EPDs. Lazy TV Sam U451 calving ease, thickness, good all-around EPD's with added weaning weight. Mr. Bow K 120Y — a heterozygous black, homozygous polled bull with excellent calving ease and growth EPDs. Traction (#1218825) a heterozygous black, homozygous polled bull with excellent birth to growth numbers and the right phenotype. He's also an outcross to many Gelbvieh genetics.
  • Black Balancer®: Watchman — a homozygous black, homozygous polled bull with excellent birth weight, growth, carcass, and feed efficiency. Mr. Bow K 922W a Black Balancer® out of In Focus with good calving ease numbers and carcass traits was used as a clean-up bull after A.I. Another clean-up bull used was Mr. Bow K 220Z (75% GV) with good overall EPDs, good carcass value and tenderness.
  • Black Angus: Hoover Dam is a thick calving ease bull with good carcass and maternal traits, and excellent EPD's for docility. In Focus, a long-time great A.I. sire with low birth and high growth along with super carcass value and a good disposition.
Most of our cattle are run above Gunnison, Colorado in the summer and fall at an altitude of 8,500 to 10,000 feet. These must be functional cattle with good feet and legs and are definitely not pampered.